Papaya Leaf Juice for Dengue Fever

With the continual outbreak of Dengue Fever spread by the female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and no specific medicine yet available to treat it, there is real concern and interest as to whether the much touted papaya leaf juice can indeed help the patient to recover faster or even perhaps is truly an effective natural remedy.

The Health Director-General of Malaysia acknowledged papaya leaves contain cyanogenic glycoside but in such minute quantity that it does not pose a danger. (Ref: The Star, Nation, 30-Jan-2016)
The full research paper published by the Dept of Plant Biology, University of Illinois, USA, can be found in
Yes, they confirmed the presence of cyanogenic allosides and glycosides.
But the Malaysian Health Ministry has said it is safe; you decide for yourselves.

Me, I’ll still take papaya juice if I’m stricken with dengue.
Why? All plants will definitely have some trace toxins; if not by now they would be extinct having been eaten by insects, animals, etc.
There are too many first person success stories to ignore on the efficacy of papaya leaf juice to treat dengue fever.
Sometime ago when there was practically a dengue epidemic in Selangor, there were so many reports of patients resorting to papaya leaf juice that the hospitals and the Health Ministry could not ignore it. As a result, the hospitals and Health Ministry subsequently endorsed its use. It’s quite standard practice now.

Bro. Ooi Chee Hong contributed the following testimonial:

Re: Papaya leaf treatment for two relatives same time in early Dec. 2014 ( different locations )
Case 1:  Male, 72, with high blood pressure (HBP). The doctor  instructed admission based on the patient’s platelet count 100 and dropping. By the time he was admitted that night, the platelet count had dropped to 70.
Day 2: Platelet count morning 45, night 53.
Day 3 : Morning 66, night 76, a steady improvement.
Day 4 : Platelet count increased to100
Day 5 : Platelet count 150 and he was discharged.

Dosage : 2 matured papaya leaves per day , started just before admission. The recovery effect was just after 24-30 hrs  ( coincidentally , prayer for recovery conducted at 18 hrs ) The nurses and doctor recommended that we try papaya leaves.

Case 2: Male, 65.
Platelets dropped to 8 and he was placed in ICU though no hemorrhage. We defied the doctor’s opinion not to take papaya leaves. He recovered and was discharged after day 6 or 7. The dosage was maybe one or two leaves per day.

Dr Sanath Hettige,Consultant family physician, Postgraduate Institute of Medicine University of Colombo Sri Lanka Oil of Dermae research medical center & Laboratories recommends the following course of action in The BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal):

Bro Ng Swee Aun contributed the following recommended dosage:

Papaya leave juice neat : 2 teaspoons, morning evening morning. Total 6 teaspoons in 24 hours


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