Gallstones Cleanse


A close friend of mine, S.A. Ng, has given his personal testimony as to the effectiveness of a natural remedy to excrete gallstones safely without surgery. It involves nothing more than olive oil, apple juice and lemon juice (the simplified version).

Since various claimed remedies can be readily found through an Internet search, I just want to inform you here of this friend’s personal testimony, who has routinely done the gallstones cleanse successfully, by following the protocol below.

You may refer to this source for the full procedure:

You may also contact Mr. S.A. Ng ( ) for further clarification as to how he does the procedure.

Please remember to return here and post your results for the benefit of others, if you do try the remedy.

Disclaimer: I have no ties to Stephanie Relfe, the author of the remedy in the given source, but S.A. Ng is a close personal friend.

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