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Simple Remedy for Flu?

A friend just forwarded an e-mail with the following natural remedy for flu (note: Original author please contact me so that I can credit you for the article).

A fast non-drug remedy for flu:

Before onset of flu, and while experiencing pre-flu symptoms like headache, running nose & sneezing, drink 2 to 3 cups of hot water. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes, then drink a cup of hot coffee. You would want to urinate in 2 to 3 minutes. Surprisingly after that, all flu symptoms will disappear. Coffee is a diuretic. It removes water from the body, and in the process, flushes out all the virus trapped inside the body.

If anyone has tried this and found that it works, please…let’s hear from you!

Natural Remedy by Longevitology

Longevitology is yet another alternative natural treatment. It may sound too far-fetched and meta-physical to some (if not most) of you. However, I am publishing it here because of a personal testimony by a  friend, who found this treatment in his quest for a natural remedy for cancer for someone close to him.  It has been many years since, and not only did the person survived cancer, they are both a picture of radiant health. They swear by this and sincerely would like to share with others. So here it is. What follows is an extract from a hand-out for an event by Longevitology.

Longevitology is a natural healing method that uses the human body to receive energy from the universe. It involves the relaxation of the body and mind in order to acquire the energy in a natural way. This is achieved by sitting quietly without any complicated body positions and quieting the heart (mind). The whole process is done naturally, therefore there are no side effects and can be practiced by anybody regardless of their race, political belief, conviction or religion.
Longevitology believes that good health is the result of chi and blood flowing smoothly and any maladjustment between them will result in illness. Disease or illness is cured when the energy acquired by the above mentioned technique enters our body and then energizes every cell, enabling the body organs to function normally. This will lead to chi and blood flowing actively thus improving circulation and metabolism, raising the levels of antibodies and improving the immune system of the body. As a result of this, the filth of a disease is expelled by the metabolic system of the body itself thus the whole healing process is natural and does not involve any medical equipment, massage, oral medication or drugs. Most importantly, there are no side effects and it is perfectly safe.
Longevitology originated from Taiwan in 1993 and since then, it has grown worldwide and is taught free of charge to its learners. Presently, there are many Longevitology centres with about one million followers in countries like USA, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Click to download the complete hand-out here.

Gallstones Cleanse


A close friend of mine, S.A. Ng, has given his personal testimony as to the effectiveness of a natural remedy to excrete gallstones safely without surgery. It involves nothing more than olive oil, apple juice and lemon juice (the simplified version).

Since various claimed remedies can be readily found through an Internet search, I just want to inform you here of this friend’s personal testimony, who has routinely done the gallstones cleanse successfully, by following the protocol below.

You may refer to this source for the full procedure:

You may also contact Mr. S.A. Ng ( ) for further clarification as to how he does the procedure.

Please remember to return here and post your results for the benefit of others, if you do try the remedy.

Disclaimer: I have no ties to Stephanie Relfe, the author of the remedy in the given source, but S.A. Ng is a close personal friend.